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Every great athlete has a coach. Shouldn’t you have a coach for a better retirement?
Joe’s interview with Kevin Cronin, lead singer of REO Speedwagon.
Pay special attention to what Kevin says at the 2:20 mark!
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Ep 139
A nice mix this week. We’ll hear from Coach Pete D’Arruda talking with bestselling author Andrew Hallam. Retirement Coach Joe Hamel goes over the standards of care in the financial industry. Eric Kearney and Joseph Lanza check in. We have the story of duck or duct tape from Dave Perkins and a financial success story from Gary Nolan. Call 800-662-6808. Text PIZZA to 21000. Visit

Ep 96

This week’s pizza features Coach Pete D’Arruda explaining what the “lump sum time bomb” is all about. Richard Pellitier breaks down annuities. Nathen Fort says we have to know our risk number going into retirement. Joe Hamel lays out a case study of a very successful retirement. Eric Kearney talks about navigating your way to retirement. Steve Sedahl has a Brokers Behaving Badly. Call 800-662-6808. Text PIZZA to 21000. Visit
Ep 79
This week Coach Pete D’Arruda goes over some mistakes to avoid in retirement. Kevin Frisbie breaks down how some fees work in your retirement plan. Joe Hamel talks about options in long term care. Dave Pimper stresses the importance of a written retirement plan. Eric Kearney digs into tax planning in retirement. Theresa Opeka has a rundown of the top ten Christmas movies. Call 800-662-6808. Text Pizza to 21000.
Ep 76
A jam packed pizza this week. Coach Pete D’Arruda talks about a nest egg as it relates to retirement. Robert Kuhn gets back to basics in retirement starting with longevity risk. Eric Kearney takes us through his process of getting clients to retirement. Coach Joe Hamel talks about the stages of retirement. Kevin Frisbie outlines the four must have documents you need no matter your age. Steve Sedahl has a Brokers Behaving Badly. Call 800-662-6808. Text PIZZA to 21000.
Ep 71
This week Coach Pete D’Arruda gives us a lesson in the dow. Brian Quaranta takes us back to basics in retirement planning. Kevin Frisbie offers some tips on how to pay less taxes in retirement. Joe Hamel takes us through the three worlds of investing. Richard Pellitier touts the advantage of tactical management of your retirement accounts. Parker Holland takes us through a case study. You’ll love the way this turns out. Call 800-662-6808. Text PIZZA to 21000.
Ep 70
Plenty of discussion this week. Coach Pete D’Arruda on the Calculated Risk Exposure Level. The election was on the mind of several advisors. Richard Pelliter talks about the election and potential impact on his clients. Eric Kearney takes on the impact of the pandemic and how that affects clients. Brian Quaranta says no matter what it’s the plan that’s important. Joe Hamel answers the question, when can I retire. Steve Sedahl remembers 9/11. Call 800-662-6808. Text PIZZA to 21000.

Ep 66

This week Coach Pete D’Arruda discusses the importance of having fun in retirement as long as the financial portion is covered. Marc Geels breaks down the Titanic effect as it relates to retirement. Saba Khan-Smith takes us through her process of getting someone set up for retirement. We also hear from Eric Kearney, Joe Hamel and Jennifer Ransdell introduces us to Sally Ride. Call 800-662-6808. Text PIZZA to 21000.

Ep 63

Coach Pete D’Arruda talks about how it’s wise to have some cash on hand when things are volatile. Robert Kuhn weighs in on the same topic with a different perspective. We talk baseball and retirement with Retirement Coach Joe Hamel. We meet Saba Khan-Smith. We drop in on Kevin Frisbie. Steve Sedahl has a Brokers Behaving Badly that will leave you shaking your head in disbelief. Call 800-662-6808. Text PIZZA to 21000.
Ep 56
Coach Pete D’Arruda discusses his soon to be released book Math is Money, The Book on Retirement, Robert Kuhn breaks down the lost decade of retirement planning. Tripp Limehouse takes us through his process. Retirement Coach Joe Hamel talks potholes and retirement. Eric Kearney digs into behavioral finance. Coach Pete interviews retirement expert Dr. Wade Pfau and his new book.
Ep 40
On Financial Safari Marty Hensley breaks down several pieces of the CARES Act and how it affects pre-retirees and retirees. Richard Pelitier continues the theme talking about Americans getting checks from the IRS. Brian Quaranta digs into a steady income stream in retirement. Greg Berrian talks health insurance if you find yourself laid off. Joe Hamel breaks down his version of what a financial advisor should be . Eric Kearney outlines what he and his team are doing to help retirees keep what they have despite a down market. Parker Holland lays out a case study created in a very volatile market. Call 800-662-6808 or text PIZZA to 21000.
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