Many people are going to have approximately a 30 year retirement, it is becoming very common now with our longevity here in the US. Some people might only make it for 10, 15 or 20 years, and there are other people that might make it over 30 years. What this means is:
The Market is likely to crash 3 times in 30 years, about every 10 years given its past track record.
Therefore, your portfolio has to weather the storms of market crashes and also whatever inflation occurs over 30 years or more.
The portfolio that we design has to generate monthly income for our clients.
We get our bills every 30 days, so we need income every 30 days to match those bills. Our clients want us to generate a monthly check for them for the rest of their lives, and our “No Worries Retirement Plan System” does exactly that.
However, this is what many people do. They work and save all of their lives, and put money away into their 401k or some other type of retirement savings plan. But they don’t do any type of planning other than that. Then when they reach retirement, they take their income as a percentage of their 401k.
Think about this: What will you do if we experience another market meltdown like we’ve had twice since 2000, and you need to withdraw a certain percentage each month to live off of?
As a client once said….”that’d be like driving a gas guzzling car and the tank has a hole in it!”
The solution that Joe Hamel developed is the “No Worries Retirement Plan System”, that strategically and mathematically blends various investment tools, using the right tools for the job.
Our “No Worries Retirement Plan System” has the ability to generate systematic income that actually increases over time to offset inflation. We are not dependent upon dividends, or the stock market, which can reduce or eliminate income altogether when the market declines.
Learn how the system allows you access to your money with no penalties for planned (and unplanned) expenses and emergencies that might come up.
Find out how it provides secure monthly income for your entire life, no matter how long you live, or if you are married, no matter how long your spouse lives.
Discover how the system allows for you to build in floors, or safety nets for your investments to protect them from steep market losses.
Find out how it allows for growth of your dollars to combat inflation.
The “No Worries Retirement Plan System” works best for those investors who have $250K or more, and have concerns about losing money in the market, running out of money before they run out of life, and keeping up with inflation.
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